Your Community - Be A Part of It

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Harmony Logo

 Shown to your right is the winning design for HARMONY's Chinese Unity Button contest. The designer, Thomas Leong of NYU, will be awarded tickets to WHITE WINTER HOLIDAY.

The button's slogan was supplied by HARMONY and 1s meant to be a social comment of the Asian-Americans and also challenge to the members of the com¬munity to help bet¬ter it. In the broadest context, YOUR COMMUNITY includes every Asian-American person that you encounter. It also includes the problems, the common inter¬ests and the values that make up the whole of the Asian-American identity. BE A PART OF IT urges you to become the part of the community that is alive and constructive rather than part of the community that is silent and apathetic.
Perhaps if this button in any way makes the wearer feel more 6f a spirit in belonging to the community, it will in one very small way help all Asian-Americans become united. Join us in wearing our red, blue, and yellow button which will be distributed soon.