Vietnamese Workers at Korean Factory Beaten

The Asian American Movement Ezine has been following on the events happening in Samoa. Recently on January 23, 2001 another email was sent out on the current situation of the workers. Below is a reprint of the email.

For those who have not heard, this is a current situation involving the Vietnamese nationals working at Daewoosa sweatshops (S. Korea) in the U.S. occupied territory of Samoa. Recently Vietnamese workers have been protesting the labor conditions; the company managers encouraged Samoan workers to instigate a riot during which several workers were killed and one, Quyen, was blinded. There was also a court case which ruled in favor of the workers, but the Korean management have not kept up their end of the bargain. The situation involves Korean capitalists, U.S.imperialists, and revisionist Vietnamese government so it isn't as "neatly" packaged as say Nike sweatshops. Nevertheless, this is an issue that cries out formobilization. If you want to find out more about this situation, check out

Hi folks,
May be you have heard on the Vietnamese radios that there was a riot on the
island of Samoa. It was about 252 Vietnamese workers standing up to fight against unfair treatments from their boss, a Korean treatments have been in the island for the last 2 years but only lately that
Vietnamese radios learned about it. A few weeks ago, during the fight, one Vietnamese girl lost one eye due to the beating from the manager who works for the company. Her name is Quyen.
A doctor in Hawai'i has agreed to help her by putting a fake eye on so that she'll look normal. The cost is $600 (according to Radio Bolsa). Of course, Quyen can not afford it and needs our help. Some of you may ask that why the Korean company does not pay for the damage ?

The reason: This Korean company is the 2ND largest company on the small island of Samoa. The governor of Samoa alone owns a lot of stocks of this company, also some of the big guys in the Samoa
government. The company brings income to the island so the government is on the Korean side. A few days ago, the judge said that the Korean company owner has to pay $12,000 for Quyen to help her with her eye. The owner promised to pay. But for the last 2 years, since the Vietnamese workers came to the island, this Korean owner has promised to the judge to pay for a lot of things and never paid a penny. So , the court is just a play so that the press can show to the world that they have some kind of law on that island. But the law was not enforced and it's in favor of the rich.

Back to Quyen, she needs $600 to go to Hawai'i for the treatment of her eye and the date is Jan 26-2001. We can help her by sending our donation to Voice of Love, a non-profit organization. Below is the address:

Voice of Love
P.O Box 41704
NC 28309

A few dollars may mean nothing to us but can be a
big help to Quyen.
(your donation is tax deductable)
Thank you very much and please forward this to
someone you know.

Duc Trinh