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New On Sang Poultry Co." Workers Claim Back-Wages - SF

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The owner, Suzanne Hoo Lee, finally met with the workers and offered to pay $1,500, 1% of what's due, the following week. While she acknowledged the backwages owed, she refused to make any written commitment. The workers presented ther demands, to be paid an estimated $121,000 in wages and overtime and a monitoring and worker-education program.

History of the Red Guard Party

By Former Members

circa 1972

This article was written and submitted to Getting Together by a few former members of the Red Guard Party and is not intended to represent the entire membership.

The Red Guard Party was founded in San Francisco's Chinatown in February of 1969. Our membership was primarily composed of American-born Chinese youth. Due to the incorrectness of our political line, our organizational structure and our method of work, we disbanded in July of 1971.

Happy Lim

from East Wind Magazine (1982) Vol. 1 No. 1

Subheadings were added to the original publication to make this more readable on the web.

Time has slipped by - 40 or 50 years in the blink of an eye. The U.S. society of the '30s was one of economic depression. Confronted by this hard fact and living in a grey social atmosphere, struggling to make a livelihood, I became tempered. Some of my childish dreams were shattered, but a vision of the future lent an incandescence to the era.

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