The sting of evacuation 
pierces the cozy unity 
of the Terminal Island community. 
48 hours 
to pack 48 years 
of life. 
Fathers first!
"To take care 
of her husband's affair 
was just too overwhelming... 
so she just sat down and cried."
Cry, Terminal Island woman, c


Todd Lee

Ping Wong did not want to get up this morning.

But her feet were so sore
last night, she did not go out.
So here she is, as she is every Monday night or Tuesday morning,
picking up bottles, sorting through cans, trying
to make a living. Even though
her back hurts from the bending, she has
done harder work, she has done whatever it took
to feed her family, and then
to feed herself.
She likes the
night picking better, the people don’t yell
so much when she opens the bags.

Taiko #1

For Odaiko New England

Todd Lee

Boom da-da BOOM!
Boom da-da BOOM!
Boom da-da boom da-da

Rumble of thunder
pulling you under,
over and over and over again.

Boom da-da BOOM!
Boom da-da BOOM!

Sway, yeah, sway
Pray, yeah, pray

Boom da-da BOOM!
Sticks point to the sky!
Boom da-da BOOM!
We all want to fly!

Got My Almond Eyes on You

Todd Lee

Gay people talk of having
gaydar: the ability to say
whether someone is gay
from a mile away.

We know Asians have adar –
we can tell Chinese from Vietnamese,
Japanese from Korean,
Filipinos from Samoans,
Et cetera.

(At least
most of the time).

Ready, set,

Let’s make it official!
Who can get “adar”
up on Wikipedia first?

API Living – Boston 2007

Todd Lee

1. Hello

The white man
with the so-pleased-
on his face,
says “Knee how”
too loudly
as he passes
the Asian woman

who is clearly


2. Smile

A woman
smiles at me
sweetly, for no apparent
- on the Boston subway!

I wonder if,
it’s my dashing good looks
or if I
remind her
of a scene from a
Jackie Chan flick
she really dug.

Artists muse whether art follows life or life follows art

by Amee Chew

if i injected my flesh with silicon
did hundreds of situps a day
wore lacey push up bras
got surgery to correct my Asian single-eyelid
wore subtle lipstick, concealer, and gloss
made my gaze bruised with shadow and mascara
wore dainty stilleto heels and flippy skirts
got some hips
would you buy me then?

does market follow demand, or demand follow market?
i want to be the white girls of your wet dreams with million-dollar


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