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While Asian Americans overall have unemployment rates about equal to whites i.e less than African Americans and Latinos, long term unemployment is a big problem. Unemployed Asian Americans are unemployed for six months of more at rates comparable to African Americans, the highest of all racial groups. The Center for Economic and Policy Research has issued a March report based on government data that shows about half of all Asian American unemployed are long-term unemployed.

The Winds of Change

by asianamericanmovement

There have been some interesting events of import the past few months.

Here are a few of the more noteworthy items. As a popular political refrain goes, it’s a time of change….

Looking North: Films from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

By Young Sul

The West has long characterized the DPRK as a nation shrouded in secrecy. Western media, indeed, admits and heralds that it knows nothing about the people and the nation of the DPRK. Yet, in a schizoid twist, so much effort has been made to demonize this member of the "Axis of Evil" and its intentions toward the rest of the "Free World." Everyone, especially the Bush Administration, has conveniently forgotten the positive steps taken only a few years ago to alter this stance.

Asians Americans Decry Anti-North Korean Bond Film

Ramsay Liem, Mike Liu

The next James Bond film, Die Another Day, presently in production uses North Korea as the villainous antagonist to frame its "storyline". While the details of the script have not been revealed, it is clear that Bond (Pierce Brosnan) will be fighting "evil" in Korea. One Korean actor, who was offered a key role in the film, has already turned it down.. In-Pyo Cha declined the role of the main villain, Colonel Moon, saying the film uses "another country's [political] climate for its own entertainment purposes."

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