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Early History of A.A.A.: Birth of A Movement in New York City

From N.Y. Asian Coalition Newsletter vol. 1 no. 2 Sept ’72 (misspellings as in original text)
Asian Americans for Action was born on a park bench during lunch hours of two Nisei women, close friends of a long standing who shared common interests and beliefs. And as they munched on homemade sandwiches, relaxing in the sunlight amid the rustle of leaves, they talked of many things and chief among them were the war in Southeast Asia (they were early protestors), the Black movement, and the campus uprisings.

New York Observance of Vincent Chin and free version of Vincent Who?

June 23rd is the anniversary of the death of Vincent Chin. In 1982, Two white autoworkers bludgeoned Vincent Chin, a Chinese American man, to death with a baseball bat because he represented "Japanese" automobiles. Because of the local justice system, the two white workers never went to jail or paid more than a few thousand in fines. However, it sparked a nationwide campaign for civil rights for Asian Americans.

Community Debates Police Force in Arrest of 60 year old Musician

NYC Police come into Columbus Park in Chinatown to stop a 60 year old man, Wu Yi-Zhuo, who's playing Cantonese Opera. In the end, six to eight police arrest the man and bloody him. A crowd of elderly gather around the police and the man, complaining about the arrest in Cantonese. One of the cops pulls out mace and maybe a baton to threaten the crowd. Wu ended up spending the night in jail.

Is there something wrong with this?

Saigon Grill Labor Battle Continue in Manhattan

Saigon Grill in Upper West Side Manhattan has been in the center of labor disputes for years. New owners Qiao Lin and Bei Lin are continuing this tradition. 

The Lins, who bought the three-restaurant chain in October 2010, refused to employ servers and busboys who they deem “too old,” because they are over the age of 40. They also fired workers who spoke out against this as well as delivery workers who tried to form a union.

Protesting workers and the Justice Will be Served! campaign have demanded that the Lins:

Korean American Film Festival New York and Big Screen Project Launch KAFFNY Urban Program in Midtown

I got this press release for a Korean American Film Festival in New York City. Check it out:

Korean American Film Festival New York and Big Screen Project Launch KAFFNY Urban Program in Midtown, Nov. 3-7, 2010

The Korean American Film Festival New York or KAFFNY today announced five days of film programming to kick off Eventi Hotel's Big Screen Project launch in New York CIty.

Momentum builds for Sept. 11 march to support NYC Muslims

A number of New York Asian American groups including Nodutdol For Korean Community Development, BAYAN-USA, DRum and CAAAV are joining in a Sept. 11 March to support Muslims in their effort to build a Muslim Community Center in that city. 

The march is scheduled for Sept. 11 at 1:00 p.m. The rally begins on the east side of City Hall. There has been strong support from the Islamic community, including from the the Islamic Leadership Council, representing 50+ mosques and community centers around the city. Publicity has been widespread so a large march is expected.


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