I Wor Kuen

History of the Red Guard Party

By Former Members

circa 1972

This article was written and submitted to Getting Together by a few former members of the Red Guard Party and is not intended to represent the entire membership.

The Red Guard Party was founded in San Francisco's Chinatown in February of 1969. Our membership was primarily composed of American-born Chinese youth. Due to the incorrectness of our political line, our organizational structure and our method of work, we disbanded in July of 1971.

Seize the Time

First Issue of Getting Together - February 1970

Seize the Time

On December 4th, 30 Chicago cops laid a night-time ambush, and murdered two Panther leaders. One of the murdered Panthers was Fred Hampton, the 28-year old chariman of the Illinois Black Panther Party. A few days later, 300 cops launched a massive attack on the Los Angeles office of the Panthers, using such weapons as dynamite, machine guns, and tear gas grenades. The 11 Panthers inside the office heroically kept up their resistance for five long hours!

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