Cal State Northridge to Rename Asian House to Glenn Omatsu House

Glenn Omatsu was active in the Asian American Movement, particularly around the struggle to save the Japanese American community in San Francisco. Later, he became an academic who taught and wrote perceptively about that period. He also encouraged students to become active in current issues. His best known work was "The 'Four Prisons' and the Movements of Liberation" that summarized the changes in the Movement from 1960 to 1990. Congratulations to Glenn.

A New History: The Snake Dance of Asian American Activism: Community, Vision, and Power


A new history of Asian American activism reinterprets the Asian American movement (AAM). Michael Liu, Kim Geron, and Tracy Lai describe the AAM's dramatic impact on the direction of Asian American political and social activity beginning in the 1960s, particularly in terms of neighborhood redevelopment, civil rights, international solidarity, and the Jesse Jackson presidential campaigns.

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