Unemployement, New Axis of Evil: Iran, China, North Korea, Intermarriage

While Asian Americans overall have unemployment rates about equal to whites i.e less than African Americans and Latinos, long term unemployment is a big problem. Unemployed Asian Americans are unemployed for six months of more at rates comparable to African Americans, the highest of all racial groups. The Center for Economic and Policy Research has issued a March report based on government data that shows about half of all Asian American unemployed are long-term unemployed.

Nevada Republic Re-invokes Red Scare Ads

Soon to be Republican Congressman Mark Amodei of Nevada has used his new national platform to invoke fear and loathing toward China. It features among other things, the Chinese Army marching in front of the White House.

The Asian American Action Fund and Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) have denounced the ad calling it "xenophobic," "racially charged" and "sinister." They asked him to take down the ad.

This is a continuation of the "Red Scare" tactics about China used by BOTH Republicans and Democrats during the past mid-term elections.

Campaign Demonization of China Means Chinese Americans Will Face Hostility

It’s been building in the U.S. for a while – antagonism toward China. Now, in the mid-term elections, that sentiment has found expression in dozens of Congressional and Senatorial campaigns which making China a target to gain political leverage. This includes both major parties’ electoral vehicles – the Democratic and Republican Senatorial and Congressional campaigns, not to speak of each individual campaign.

OCA Statement on Release of US crew and Hate Incidents Against Chinese

The Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) is delighted to hear word this morning that China will soon release the 24 American crewmen.

Unfortunately, for Chinese Americans the problem does not end with the release of the crewmen. Despite the fact that we are U.S. citizens and permanent residents, we continue to be beset with false characterizations and, when circumstances like this incident arise, our loyalty and patriotism are questioned.

During the past week:

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