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East Wind Magazine Rises!

First cover of East Wind

East Wind Magazine, a premier print publication of the 1980s Asian American Movement, has been reborn. A product of a period of the flowering of new Asian American publications, East Wind returns as an on-line publication. Alongside Gidra in Los Angeles and numerous community newspapers published Asian American groups, East Wind distinguished itself with its high standards, broad content, and attractive layouts.

Los Angeles Asian American Movement Retrospective

Exhibit Banner Image

The Chinese American Museum of Los Angeles is currently holding an exhibit on its local Asian American Movement, 1968-80s. The Huffington Post has an excerpt of some of the photos and posters. The local movement was very active, anchored particularly within the large Japanese American community. The local movement also had a very vibrant media component so many of the images are very striking. The exhibit will run through June 11th.

On Watching A Song for Ourselves: Chris Iijima

"A Song for Ourselves" (2009) by Tad Nakamura portrays the inspiring and poignant life of Chris Iijima. Iijima was a member of Yellow Pearl (along with Joanne Miyamoto and later Charlie Chin), a folk group that were troubadours for the early Asian American Movement. The group was based in New York and were particularly important for East Coast activists, who saw so few Asian American bands. Much of the poignancy of the film came from Chris' premature passing due to a rare disease and a defiant last interview even as he faced mortality.

Review: Chains of Babylon

In Chains of Babylon by Daryl Maeda looks at the history of the Asian American Movement, focusing on the creation of the Asian America identity. Chains see this evolution in relation to the dominant white culture and the emerging Black power movement. This identity was further developed by its solidarity with other oppressed groups globally, most notably with the Vietnamese then fighting a war for liberation against U.S. forces and their South Vietnamese allies.

Asian American Reality

A major East Coast Asian American conference in December, 1970

(Text of the back of flyer)

America see its Asian population as being exotic representatives of the quiet, hard-working, diligent, Asian countries we studied in our elementary school class. We have no crime, no unemployment, no broken families, no social problems. We go through school and become businessmen, physicists, chemists, doctors, and engineers. In short, all is milk and honey. But we know better...


Flyer Distributed in Washington D.C. April 1971 Anti-War March
as formatted in original flyer

Asian Sisters and Brothers Unite! against the imperialist policies of the U.S. govt. which are oppressing our people everywhere The same tactics used by Nixon to exploit our sisters and brothers in Asia are used against Asian and Third World people in this country:


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