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Happy Lim

from East Wind Magazine (1982) Vol. 1 No. 1

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Time has slipped by - 40 or 50 years in the blink of an eye. The U.S. society of the '30s was one of economic depression. Confronted by this hard fact and living in a grey social atmosphere, struggling to make a livelihood, I became tempered. Some of my childish dreams were shattered, but a vision of the future lent an incandescence to the era.

"TAKE THE NEXT STEP" - Requiem for Glenn Horiuchi

Minoru Kanda
Japanese Correspondent
Asian Improv Records

This is an edited tribute to the influential Japanese-American jazz musician, Glenn Horiuchi, written by friend Minoru Kanda.


In 1996 Asian Improv Records, with its office located in Ken Yamada's house in Berkeley, was mainly engaged in a mail-order business of LPs and CDs by Asian American musicians active in the San Francisco Bay Area, with one exception: a jazz pianist living in Los Angeles.

Art for the Community: A Short History of Basement Workshop in New York

Getting Started
Basement Workshop was started by a group of fellow urban planners and artists in 1971 on Elizabeth St. in New York Chinatown. It began with projects such as the Asian American Resource Center, which compiled information on Asian American communities, a magazine named Bridge, which was widely read, and a cultural publication called "Yellow Pearl."

A Part of the Movement and the Community

Amerikan Ako

By Barry Buenaventura

Pilipino, yeah that's me
Murdered at the age of ten
Genocide infanticide matricide
Only way out suicide homicide
Cant break free can I get off this crazy ride

Pilipino yeah that's me
Sent to hell at half past twelve
Sent to jail without bail
My soul is now up for sale
Half price no rice head full of lice
Took the chance and rolled the dice
Now I'm diced served in apple pies
White lies crimson skies with gypsy eyes
Hypnotize mezmerize paralyze
All I can do is cry.

Because Not to Cry is an Injustice

by Rathanak Michael Keo


the poor all try to dream but we live under the threat
of blinding blue and red nightlights that
send out guardian angels to protect us
from ourselves,   
harvesting colored youths for safe keeping
while Rush Limbaugh experiments
with painkillers for a third time  
and buys his way out of jail. 

our walls resonate with the hymns of new mothers singing,
hush-a-bye baby don’t you cry…


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