Art and Culture


by Mike Liu

Young API’s have gotten together to create a radio show, Aziatik Rhythmz, as a vehicle for the progressive apia voice in southern California. Their collective mission statement proposes to

- disseminate information important to API communities
- put API art and cultural expression on the air
- monitor status of APIs in the programming grid
- assist programmers in working with the station
- act as a support organization for API producers
- improve understanding and relations between people in the region

Postcards from Li-Young Lee’s Desk

by Rathanak Michael Keo

Out of all the places I could be to miss you,
why here?

1. “Dreaming of Hair”
“wish you were here” marinates itself
In moonlight and stars.
all that’s left to do is dream.

and even in sleep
I am provoked to love you,
that beautiful black hair of yours,
that sprouts itself out like wings, or lounge like interstate highways
on lazy days
begging for conversation about tomorrow.

Yesterday I was at a dance,
In your absence


Merilynne Quon-Hamano

I WAS BORN WITH TWO TONGUES is a breakthrough Pan-Asian American spoken word group based out of Chicago. First, hitting us hard with BROKEN SPEAK (review on this site), they went on to team up with The Pacifics, a Pilipino spoken word group also based out of Chicago, to create and present YELLOW TECHNICOLOR.

I WAS BORN WITH TWO TONGUES expresses and represents a new generation of Asian Pacific Islanders. POWERFUL pieces on all aspects of the API experience are presented passionately and eloquently: there is something for everyone.

Poets: Bitter(Sweet) Love

poems by yellow brown women thinking about those who both embrace and elude us

Chocolate evokes so many things. Obsession, depression, consumption,
revulsion. Especially with that damned new dulce de leche m&m flavor that
has surfaced in your local grocery store, a comfort food. How something that
doesn't add anything to your health keeps you looking for it, even though
you know better. Momentary pleasure that somehow ends up making your ass the
size of a triple F cup. Torches for a person you know you don't need in your

Poster Art

In organizing, posters have often been used as a form for artistic expression and to send a message. One recent example of how artists "serve the people" is David Monkawa's work below:


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