Unity Archive Project: the 70s and 80s

Another new resource from this period of the Asian American Movement covers the work of the League of Revolutionary Struggle (LRS). The LRS was a multi-racial organization that included large numbers of Asian American, Latino and African American organizers and in leadership. Consequently, their public presence includes numerous media that cover communities of color.

Chinese Progressive Association Boston 1st Newsletter

This is from the introduction of first newsletter of the Chinese Progressive Association in February 1978. At the time it was called the Chinatown People's Progressive Association


After months of hard work and the cooperative efforts of many people, the Chinatown People's Progressive Association (CPPA) finally had its opening on July 17, 1977.

Today’s Hiroshimas

A leaflet circulated circa 1970 in the East Coast

Early during the Second World War, there was a fear among some scientists and military men that Germany would build an atomic bomb. There was no doubt that such a bomb could be built There only existed fear in their minds that the Allies would not be the first to develop it, and that they could be the first to experience the effect of such a bomb.

the New Gouverneur Hospital Must Hire More Chinese Speaking Workers!

A New York City Community Hospital Organizing Flyer circa early 1970's

The health conditions in the Lower East Side are terrible and the delivery of health services is indaeqaute (sic). There are over 60 000 Chinese living in the Lower East Side, and for the many who do not speak English, the situation (sic) is considerably (sic) worse. Although 1/4 of the patients served by the old Gouverneur Clinic are Chnese (sic), less than 3% of the workers can speak Chinese.

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