Support Immigration Reform and the CIR ASAP Bill!

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Introducing the immigration reform bill

Support the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for for America's Security and Prosperity Act of 2009. Luis Guiterriez (D-Illinois) has introduced a progressive  bill that constructively addresses long-standing immigration issues in a just and humane manner. CIR ASAP will protect citizens and lawfully present residents, family integrity and children in the visa process and immigration courts, provide clear, just paths for legalization of the undocumented and citizenship for permanent residents, allow needed foreign work forces for our industries and restore essential human rights and protections to people in the immigration detention and enforcement system.

Stand Out for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, a coalition that API Movement Boston is participating in, is circulating a petition as well as a letter of support for organizations to support the bill . If you can help with this, let us know. It's immigration reform crunch time in the next few months so if you're concerned enough to take some action, this is a crucial time.

The petition, draft letter and summary of the bill are attached below.

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Draft CIR ASAP Letter_2.doc
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