The Meaning of an Obama Administration

The election of Obama was a breakthrough for the Black upper class. It signaled the capitalist system’s need, in the wake of changing global conditions, to weaken the racial caste system that has characterized U.S. history. It signaled that U.S. capitalism had to adjust to popular opposition to that history of racial discrimination and exploitation. It also signifies a retreat from the proto-fascist (and I don’t use the term lightly) policies of the far right wing of the ruling class.


Wins Executives Indicted in San Francisco

In 2001, the state of California shut down a factory at which the workers ? mostly Chinese immigrant women who did not speak English ? had not been paid in months. In the years since, these workers have not only had to struggle against their former employers to demand the wages they earned and never received, but they were also sold out by the Department of Labor, which settled with the factory owners and agreed not to pursue the remainder of the workers? wages. (See previous articles .)


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