Occupy, Economics & Movement Building

The Occupy movement has spectacularly united progressive forces with a base. In the month from initial occupation on Wall Street in New York, there are now, according to OccupyTogether, over a hundred occupied cites in the U.S., (and five internationally) and over a thousand meetups being organized around the Occupy movement. Facebook lists nearly 500 "Occupy" groups. The Occupy movement is important to support.

The Policy Drive for Inequality in the United States

Thanks to Kim Geron

We often see the dramatic increase in inequality in the U.S. as an inevitable consequence of outside forces such as globalization and technology. John Schmitt of the Center for Economic and Policy Research describes and argues that inequality was part of the policy of political elites to drive back workers, people of color, women, the environmental movement and other progressive social movements in the decades previous to the 70's.

The report is attached.

With 'Buy American' Back, is Anti-Asian Sentiment Around the Corner?


By Lynda Lin, Pacific Citizen


In bad economic times, history has shown that the 'us' in the 'us versus them' does not include Asian Americans.

On Sundays when the weather permits, Cincinnati resident Jim Berns likes to take American flags and homemade signs to busy street corners. There, he waves at passing cars while holding up signs that say, "Honk if you love the USA" and "Buy made in the USA."


Bail-out the People, Not the Banks

In its first month, the Obama administration has proposed a $800 billion stimulus plan, asked for the remainder of $700 million TARP program to bail out financial firms, and proposed another Trillion to support the banks and a Trillion to support loans. This is on top of money for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, GM, Chrysler, and Ford. In order words we're committing over FOUR TRILLION dollars of our money or $11,000 for every person - man, women, or child - in the U.S.



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