New Census Data Shows Asian Students Work Harder and Fear their Neighborhood

A new Census Report, A Child’s Day: 2004 reported the following data this week.

A quarter of Asian youth under 18 are kept inside the house because of danger. This is double the rate for non-Hispanic whites but lower than that for African American and Latino youth. Asian youth also tend to have low expectations of Adult help, about the same as African Americans. However, they tend to have more positive views about people.

Animated Weapon

by Nha Huynh


Nha Huynh is a college student and journalist who will periodically submit columns to the Azine. She also published a number of articles for TulsaWorld in Oklahoma


For some in Japan, manga is the new propaganda. 


Asian American Alliance Statement on NYPD Actions

We, the Columbia University Asian American Alliance (AAA), acknowledge that on Friday, September 14th an incident occurred on 114th street and Broadway between officers of the New York Police Department (NYPD) and an Asian American student. Many accounts, including Monday's Columbia Spectator article,  point to evidence of excessive force and racial bias among the officers of the NYPD against the student.


Stanford Students Arrested in Sit-In Demanding Sweat-Free Garments on Campus: 11 Taken in for Occupying President's Office

by Mike Liu
updated 5/25/07


Eleven Stanford students were arrested and led out of the office of the president in handcuffs after holding a day long peaceful sit in to end Stanford's use of sweatshop labor to produce university apparel. While the students were later released, they may still face criminal charges.


Ethnic Studies Crisis at UCSC: No Asian American Studies

by Erin Pangilinan


SANTA CRUZ – No Ethnic Studies program at a University of California campus? This comes as a shock to many communities of color.


While private universities outside of California, such as Syracuse University and University of Texas, are fighting for Asian American Studies, the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) is the only California campus without an ethnic studies program.



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