Lessons from Activist Students (Part II)

This December, API Movement brought together student activists again from various campuses to share organizing lessons from their work. Among the most important issues was building continuity in the organizing work. Often, a politically aware class will build a new level of activity on campus. This activity fails to sustain itself when these students graduate. The continuity problem is compounded with the prevalence of junior year abroad programs for third-year students at many universities.



Today’s Student Organizers

API Movement hosted a group of Asian American student organizers this summer who discussed the state of organizing on their campuses. These organizers give a cross section of the ongoing organizing work continuing on campuses nation-wide. A new generation of student activists is trying various methods of organizing APA students.


The students came from Stanford, UCLA, Rutgers, Brandeis, Boston University, Tufts, and Harvard. Current organizing efforts include:


Advocating for an Identity

By Todd Kushigemachi, Special to the Pacific Citizen
Published July 25, 2008


This article is republished under an exchange agreement with Pacific Citizen


Stephanie, 22, has had to take several quarters off of school to earn money for her education at UCLA. She has been a housekeeper, transcribed for writers and even made cardboard boxes.


North Carolina Colleges Become Battleground on Excluding Undocumented Students

The general counsel for the North Carolina’s community-college system has said its 58 campuses of must admit undocumented immigrants. As of 2005, 21 of these colleges barred undocumented immigrants. As could be expected in these times, this has created angry anti-immigrant rhetoric in the state.



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