The Good, the Bad and the Curious about Asian American Unemployment

A recent study from the Economic Policy Institute pointed out the unusual position of Asian Americans in the current recession, While a large portion of Asian Americans have bachelor’s and advanced degrees, a larger share of Asian American workers than whites lack high school diplomas.

However, Asian Americans with bachelor’s degrees and advanced degrees  have a higher unemployment rate than whites with equivalent educational attainment. On the other hand, Asian American high school dropouts, are more successful than white dropouts at finding employment.

APIs to Gather at Detroit - U.S. Social Forum

API individuals and organizations across the U.S. are planning to join thousands of other activists in Detroit this June at the second gathering of the U.S. Social Forum.

Presently, API groups are planning for a variety workshops; the call for workshops is open right now. For APIs overall, API Movement Building will be coordinating a social gathering and an exchange about ongoing work if there is sufficient interest.

34 Peace Groups Tell Obama No to Afghanistan War Escalation

On November 30th, representatives of 34 antiwar groups delivered an open letter to President Obama strongly opposing his anticipated decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan with the commitment of tens of thousands of additional U.S. troops. We agree.

President Barack Obama
The White House
Washington, D.C.

November 30, 2009


Dear President Obama,

NAKASEC Organizes Immigrant Communities Action to Urge Speaker Pelosi to Stand Strong for Inclusive Health Reform

from NAKASEC press release on Nov. 24th

(Washington, D.C.) Today, immigrant communities staged two events in San Francisco, CA and Washington, D.C. to draw attention to how millions of Americans are being shut out of health reform, despite their undisputed contributions to supporting this country’s economy and public health care systems.

Remembrances of Gina Hotta

by Don Misumi

Gina Hotta, Bay Area activist and artist best known as founder and executive producer of APEX Express on station KPFA, died of a heart attack on September 29, 2009. However, in addition to her cultural contributions, she was also an organizer, as Don Misumi, a good friend, describes.

Iraq War Resister Lt. Ehren Watada Allowed to Resign from the Military

Ehren Watada, the first commissioned U.S. military officer to refuse deployment to Iraq, has won permission to resign. The U.S. Army has ceased their three-year attempt to court-martial Watada. Rather than seek a second court-martial, the Army will grant Watada a discharge under "other than honorable conditions."


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