Cal State Northridge to Rename Asian House to Glenn Omatsu House

Glenn Omatsu was active in the Asian American Movement, particularly around the struggle to save the Japanese American community in San Francisco. Later, he became an academic who taught and wrote perceptively about that period. He also encouraged students to become active in current issues. His best known work was "The 'Four Prisons' and the Movements of Liberation" that summarized the changes in the Movement from 1960 to 1990. Congratulations to Glenn.

Army Charges Racist Harrassment in the Death of Private Danny Chen

On December 21st, the American military announced that the Army had charged eight soldiers in Private Danny Chen’s battalion in connection with Private Chen’s death. The soldiers were based at Combat Outpost Palace in Kandahar province. Chen was found dead by a gunshot wound on Oct. 3rd.

The only child of Chinese immigrants, Chen grew up in Chinatown and graduated in 2010 from Manhattan’s Pace University High School. He hoped to join the NYPD after the Army. He joined the army because of the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Alternative Census Poverty Measures Show Big Jump in Asian American Poverty

Under a more up-to-date poverty measure, called the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM), the Census estimate for the Asian American population jumps from 12.1 under the current measure to 16.7 percent. This change is three times the effect for other racial groups. The poverty rate for the total population is 15.2 percent under the current measure and 16 percent under SPM.

Bay Area Asian Grassroots Groups support OccupyOakland

Asian American grassroots groups in the Bay Area are joining in the denunciation of the police attacks on OccupyOakland protestors and supporting the Occupy movement.

They have joined a multi-racial group called Bay99 to strategize ways of incorporating support into their work in their community organizations and unions. Working groups formed to support the infrastructure of the encampments, to plan parallel actions that bring the work in low-income and communities of color forward, and to build unity among our groups.

Nevada Republic Re-invokes Red Scare Ads

Soon to be Republican Congressman Mark Amodei of Nevada has used his new national platform to invoke fear and loathing toward China. It features among other things, the Chinese Army marching in front of the White House.

The Asian American Action Fund and Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) have denounced the ad calling it "xenophobic," "racially charged" and "sinister." They asked him to take down the ad.

This is a continuation of the "Red Scare" tactics about China used by BOTH Republicans and Democrats during the past mid-term elections.


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