This article was assembled from information from Ethnic Gourmet worker supporters

Multi-ethnic immigrant workers are waging a fierce struggle against a Boston area natural food processor. Brazilian, Central American, and Asian Workers at the Ethnic Gourmet plant engaged in a work stoppage that essentially paralyzed the plant on Friday, April 31st and discouraged the factory not opening Saturday.

East Buffet Restaurant Workers on Strike in NYC!

by Amee Chew

In late August, waiters and buspersons launched a strike at the East Buffet Restaurant in Huntington, Long Island, where the employer stole workers' tips and then retaliated against them for speaking out. The workers -- all of whom are Chinese immigrants -- are picketing daily during the lunch and dinner shifts.

The workers have maintained their strike with daily pickets for weeks -- and need your support! For more information and to learn how you can get involved, contact the Justice Will Be Served! Campaign.

Proman Garment Workers Demand Fair Severance

By Mike Liu

Workers at the Proman Manufacturing Co., a sportswear producer in South Boston, attempted to demand a fair severance when faced with the factory's impending closure. Proman Mfg. Co.'s owner, Joseph Proman, laid-off all of its 40-plus Chinese and Latino workers last Wednesday.

Though some workers have worked for decades for Proman Mfg. Co., Proman refused to offer severance pay, or give prior notice of layoffs to workers until the week before the factory's closure.

Restaurant Workers Fight Union-Busting and Tip Theft at Golden Bridge

by Amee Chew

In New York City's Chinatowns, years of struggle by restaurant workers have resulted in a series of precedent-setting victories. Unlike the area's mostly unionized garment industry, Chinatown restaurant workers are mostly non-union. But conditions in the garment industry have continued declining since the 1980s, while those for restaurant workers have improved.

Laid-Off AEI Workers Win Severance Demands!

by Amee Chew

Laid-off Advanced Electronics, Inc. (AEI) workers - primarily middle-aged, immigrant women - departed jubilant from a rally held on Wednesday, June 8, in front of the Boston company's offices. Right during the rally, Chairman of the Board Edward Chiang announced the factory would grant $300,000 of severance, agreeing to the laid-off workers' demand of a week of severance for every year worked.

Youth Who Stand for Economic Justice: Protesting the South Asian Students Alliance, Supporting Hotel Workers

by Sejal Patel and Siddharth Desai

"Workers rights zindabad, unfair wages murdabad!"

Attendees of the South Asian Students Alliance's (SASA) annual conference, held over the Martin Luther King weekend, were awoken to chants of protest as young South Asians from around the country stood in solidarity with boycotting hotel workers at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Unemployed Advanced Electronics, Inc., Workers Demand Just Severance and End to Workplace Abuse

by Amee Chew

Advanced Electronics, Inc. (AEI) is an electronics manufacturer in South Boston that has reaped enormous profits over the past 25 years, by tapping into a pool of inner city Chinese immigrant labor. In 1999, AEI made the ?Inner City 100,? a ranking for the fastest growing inner city companies in the U.S. In 2004, it remained on the list of Electronic Business 's ?Top 100 Contract Manufacturers? worldwide, with a total revenue of over $30 million in 2003.


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