Oakland Airport Security Workers Make Unionization Progress

The largely Filipino American security workers at the Oakland airport have made progress in winning union rights. In Terminal 1 of the airport's two terminals being organized, workers recently won union recognition in a card check (card check is a process where an employer recognizes a union based upon a majority at a workers at a workplace sign authorization cards).

Jin Restaurant Workers' Year-Long Struggle for Decent Treatment

Jin Asian Cuisine in Saugus is one of the largest Chinese restaurants in Massachusetts. With nearly 1,000 seats, it does millions of dollars in business every year. However, it’s a huge facility that specializes in weddings and has gotten lousy reviews.

The owners had decided to try to balance their books by screwing the workers, particularly the Chinese. Chinese wait-staff have reported, 6 12-16 hour workdays a week, stolen tips and pay, no meal breaks, and unsafe conditions. Non-Chinese temporary workers were paid twice as much as Chinese.

Another Chinese Takeout Deliveryman Killed in D.C.

29 year old Hong Zhi Wang, was delivering a restaurant order in Southeast Washington when he was shot, killed, and robbed Nov 11th. This was the second such killing in the District in recent months – On Sept 1, Ling Mao, 36, was also killed by gunfire on Savannah Street and Ridgecrest Court SE, police said.

A witness at home saw Wang deliver on Barnaby Terrace street. As Wang was driving away, a man in his twenties a hooded sweatshirt shot him several times and calmly walked away. Wang had been followed and robbed.

“Parc Hong Kong” Immigrant Restaurant Workers Protest Wage Theft

Over 40 Chinese immigrant workers are owed up to 3 months of wages estimated to total over $100,00 from the Parc Hong Kong restaurant, a dim sum and seafood restaurant in the Richmond district. Many are new immigrants who did not get a penny for their work.

Time and time again, the employer has offered workers bounced checks instead of paying their wages. In August they shut their doors and have resisted efforts by federal, state and city labor departments to reclaim workers wages.

Standing Up For Their Rights: Restaurant Workers Win Stolen Pay

from CPA Boston Newsletter Fall 2007

In late August, at a Malaysian restaurant in Cambridge, MA, four workers took action together because their boss refused to pay their wages. They negotiated with him, refusing to return to work unless they were paid. Altogether, they were owed over $7000! But the negotiations fell apart, and because they did not get their pay, the workers quit work and the restaurant had to close. As one of the workers said, "Why should we work for nothing?"

Latino Delivery Workers Sue Chinese-Peruvian Manhattan Eatery

from Indymedia and Justice Will be Served Press Release

Four Latino Workers are pressing charges against Flor de Mayo Restaurant on Amsterdam Ave. uptowna Peruvian-Chinese, for minimum wage and overtime law violations. They were paid as little as $1.25 an hour at Flor de Mayo

First announced on July 24, Latino delivery workers are suing the restaurant, and their employers, Phillip Chu, Dennis Chu and Jose Chu.

Nail Salon Workers Rally to Reform New York City Nail Salons!

partially taken from Justice Will Be Served Press Release

Prompted by the firing of a nail salon worker, groups are organizing a protest on September 16th to call attention to conditions in nail salons throughout the New York City and surrounding area.
Susan Kim, a Korean nail salon worker at Nail Plaza on the Upper West Side, was fired for requesting break time during the day. Chinese and Vietnamese co-workers have since joined her in calling for proper meal times, healthier work conditions, overtime pay, and an end to the retaliatory practices.

New York Cabbies Opposing Tracking Devices

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA), an organization representing cab drivers across the city recently called a two-day to oppose the mandatory installation of global positioning system (GPS) systems in cabs. In May when the Taxi and Limousine Commission, approved the plan to install the GPS systems, touch screen monitors, and credit card readers. The drivers are required to pay for the new systems. A veteran driver said that it cost $4,000 to install the systmes and up to $175 a month in maintenance fees.


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