W Hotel Must Hire from the Community!

by Amee Chew

The Chinese Progressive Association has begun a campaign to demand local hiring in developments adjacent to the Boston Chinatown community. Here is their statement tieing development, the economic recession and local responsibility.

Demand Job Opportunities & Training for the Community!
W Hotel Must Hire from the Community!

New On Sang Poultry Co." Workers Claim Back-Wages - SF

updated 12/11/08 (italicized text)

The owner, Suzanne Hoo Lee, finally met with the workers and offered to pay $1,500, 1% of what's due, the following week. While she acknowledged the backwages owed, she refused to make any written commitment. The workers presented ther demands, to be paid an estimated $121,000 in wages and overtime and a monitoring and worker-education program.

Saigon Grill Delivery Workers Win $4.6 million for Workplace Abuses

A Manhattan federal court has awarded over $4.6 million in back wages and damages to 36 Chinese immigrant delivery workers at two Saigon Grill restaurants in Manhattan. The decision ruled that the Saigon Grill owners had violated federal and state minimum wage and overtime laws and fired the workers in retaliation for their plans to sue the restaurant.

Assi Supermarket Workers Finally Compensated after Six Years

by Tracker

After years of struggle, including a multi-year boycott, community protests, daily picket lines and a series of settlement talks, Assi supermarket workers in Los Angeles’ Koreatown received their checks from a settlement with their employer. The checks began to arrive early this year. The payments affect over a hundred Latino and Korean workers, who will receive checks averaging five to six thousand dollars

Jin Workers Win Class Settlement for Stolen Tips

from CPA Boston press release

Chinese wait-staff who lodged a class action lawsuit against Jin Asian Cuisine Restaurant reached a settlement last month, compensating workers for tip theft and other wage irregularities. The owners of Jin Restaurant, a 1,000-seat venue located in Greater Boston, agreed to pay $110,000 to all tipped employees who worked at the restaurant between 2004 and the present - estimated at approximately 30 to 50 workers.

Four Latino workers and two Chinese wait-staff first led the way in initiating the lawsuit in February 2007.

Monster Cable Workers Vow to Continue Year-long Boycott

Monster Cable Workers, on the 1 year anniversary of the Monster Cable Boycott, condemned the company's recent hard-line moves toward their workers at San Francisco City Hall. Noel Lee, CEO of Monster Cable for reneged on his initial four-week severance agreement and retaliated for worker organizing. Despite conciliatory offers by the workers, including a halt to public protests, in an attempt to settle the campaign.

Fight Jin Asian Cuisine!

by Mike Liu
updated 12/20/07

More information is coming out about the employers of Jin Asian Cuisine, a thousand-seat restaurant in Saugus, where an ongoing struggle is taking place.

The owners, Li Ling Lam and Ming Lam, have a history of abusing workers. Their New York restaurant, Jing Fong, had a multi-year history of complaints, that resulted in worker protests, lawsuits, and an eventual $1.1 million payment to 58 workers, and a promise to abide by employment laws.


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