Hmong and Older Workers File Suit Against Casino One in Fresno

Legal advocacy firms have brought a class-action suit against Fresno-based Club One Casino. In separate complaints filed April 11, 16 former workers allege discrmination based on ethnic background and another six say they were discriminated against because of their age. Both groups also allege that when they spoke out, the Club retaliated against them. The workers are seeking up to several hundred thousand dollars in lost compensation.

Saigon Grill Labor Battle Continue in Manhattan

Saigon Grill in Upper West Side Manhattan has been in the center of labor disputes for years. New owners Qiao Lin and Bei Lin are continuing this tradition. 

The Lins, who bought the three-restaurant chain in October 2010, refused to employ servers and busboys who they deem “too old,” because they are over the age of 40. They also fired workers who spoke out against this as well as delivery workers who tried to form a union.

Protesting workers and the Justice Will be Served! campaign have demanded that the Lins:

CA Filipino-American Hospital Workers Sue For Employer Discrimination and Harassment

Over fifty Filipino-American hospital employees filed a separate lawsuit against the Delano Regional Medical Center (DRMC) for job discrimination and harassment in early December. They also sought to join a pending Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit against the Medical Center filed last August. DRMC is in the city of Delano, north of Los Angeles and in the Central Valley. The Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC), is representing the employees. Julie Su of APALC explained that federal regulations limit the EEOC's monetary awards and fines to DRMC.

Two Hundred Call for Arizona Boycott at Fenway

API Movement and AARW, along with a number of other organizations threw up a 200 strong picket line outside Fenway Park before a Red Sox- Arizona Diamond Backs game on June 15th. The informational picket called for Major League Baseball (MLB) to remove the All Star game from Arizona next year in light of their newly oppressive laws against immigrants, particularly SB1070. 30% of MLB players are Latino and the MLB Players Union- who are agaiinst the AZ Law. 


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