STIRR Immigrant Rights Materials

Please find below materials for STIRR Immigrant and Refugee Rights work.

CIR ASAP Letter is a letter expressing support for CIR ASAP that we're asking organizations to sign onto.

Suppport_letter_ask is a letter asking organizations to sign onto the letter above

CIR-ASAP-Summary-Long is a ten page summary of CIR ASAP

CIR-ASAP-Summary-Short is a three page summary of CIR ASAP

petition_cir_asap is a petition that we're asking individuals to sign


Mothers Day Protest Against Detention

Seventy people marched outside the South Bay Corrections and Detention Center on Mothers Day to support women who are imprisoned and detained across the USA. Everyday in Massachusetts, approximately 800 immigrants and asylum-seekers are in detention in county jails around the state waiting to be deported or fighting a legal battle o stay in the country. None of those persons are serving sentences for having committed a crime, nor have they been judged by a jury or their peers.

As the marchers circled the prison, prisoners inside held up signs with their names and complaints.

Deported Indian immigrant sues Edison, NJ police and ICE for brutality and violation of constitutional rights


Edison, NJ Police beat the crap out of Rajnikant Parikh last July, 2006, punching and beating him even as he was handcuffed on the ground in front of his apartment. After being bailed out, he had to get medical attention for back pain and bruises to his face and head. He also filed a complaint against the arresting offices.


ICE-Abused Immigrant, Jiang Zhen Xing, Wins Asylum

by Mike Liu

A Philadelphia mother, who miscarried twins when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents rushed to deport her from ICE offices to a New York airport. Has won U.S. asylum. Immigration Court Judge Barbara A. Nelson granted her request for political asylum based on China's one-child policy. The same judge had previously denied Ms. Jiang's other asylum appeals.


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