Protest Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer at the National Governors Association Meeting in Boston

If you're in the Boston area, please come to a protest Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer at the National Governors Association annual meeting and protect immigrant rights. The anti-immigrant epidemic is spreading across the US. We need to stand up for immigrant rights. We need everyone to get out there and support immigrant rights.

Please read on about the event coming up this Saturday ...

Immigrant Notes: "Take Our Jobs" and New Mainstream Pro-Immigrant Coalition

The United Farm Workers have initiated a "Take Our Jobs" campaign, promising to train unemployed Americans to take agricultural field jobs. There's an on-line application. Stephen Colbert is piling on by featuring it on his July 8th show. California's agriculture industry launched a similar campaign in 1998 and three people showed up.

Student Vigil Forces Retraction of Anti-Immigrant Provisions

A two week long 24-hour immigrant student vigil led Massachusetts state legislative bodies to moderate anti-immigrant amendments attached to a State budget draft. The legislature's conference committee removed measures to create a hotline reporting on undocumented immigrants and the denial of in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities to undocumented sutdents. The state Senate had attached the measures.

Asian Americans Step Up Presence on Immigrant Rights Issues

A greater Asian American presence in immigrant rights actions is becoming evident. During recent May Day events, for example, in San Francisco, Chinese Progressive Association and other Asian groups joined with other marchers in protesting Arizona’s recent passage of SB1070. They united against the scapegoating of and attacks on vulnerable immigrants, expressing the sentiment that "We are ALL Arizona." In Boston, CPA, API Movement, and Malden High School Students marched through three cities demanding immigrant rights.

Arizona's New Immigration Law and Undocumented Asian Americans

Thanks to Lisette Le
Arizona's new law - SB1070 - is pretty devastating for all immigrant groups. It allows police to demand proof of citizenship from anyone who looks "illegal." A lot of people will think of the new bill as a "Latino" or "brown" issue, but the 2nd largest population of people crossing the Arizona/Mexico border are Chinese immigrants.


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