SEARAC Denounces Deportations of Cambodian Americans, Calls for Fairness in Immigration Policies

The Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC) based in D.C. has noted a significant rise in the detention and removal of Cambodian Americans from Lowell, MA; Long Beach, CA; and Philadelphia, PA. Communities have organized prayer vigils in Lowell and Philadelphia in mid-August and a rally in Philadelphia last week to protest the deportations of community members. They have also demanded changes to immigration policies.

Family Unity Campaign to Stop Cambodian American Deportations

From Deported Diaspora

ICE has been conducting targeted raids across the US over the past few weeks.  They started to hit Massachusetts last week. We are in touch with four of the families picked up here in MA and two others picked up in Maine. ICE is targeting Cambodian Nationals with prior "orders of removal." All of the detainees are fathers and husbands to US-citizen children and spouses and have been the main income provider for their families including their elderly parents.

Coalition Denounces AZ Chinese American Candidate Proposing "Cut off Utilities to Immigrants"

Joint Letter from Asian American Groups

Asian Americans Denounce Anti-Immigrant Proposals

    Recently, Barry Wong, a Chinese American candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, told reporters that, if elected, he would require regulated utilities to check the immigration status of customers. The Corporation Commission regulates utility companies providing electricity, gas, water, and telephone services in the state.

CA Asians Divided but Favor AZ Law in Poll

A poll taken this month In CA showed that majorities of white, African-American and Asian-American voters all approve of the Arizona anti-immigrant law, SB1070. Latinos oppose it. Fifty-eight percent of white voters, 53 percent of African-Americans, and 50 percent of Asian-Americans back the law. 43 percent of Asian Americans oppose the law, while 71 percent of Latino voters oppose it and 24 percent support it.

The poll was multi-lingual with four Asian languages/dialects - Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Korean - alongside English and Spanish.


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