The Asian American Movement Today

By Michael Liu

Community Development Issues

In 1971 Boston's first Asian American demonstration about domestic issues was organized to preserve Chinatown against land takings by a local university-hospital complex. That thread continues today in the battle of several organizations to preserve Chinatown as a residential, social, and political center for the Chinese American community.

What They Fought For

A Quick History of Asians in the U.S.

By Jerome Yuan

16th -18th century- Driven by competition and the industrial revolution, European nations begin to colonize Asia. Searching for a cheap labor force and raw materials, Europe (and later the US) proceeds to brutalize and strip Asia of its natural resources.

1820- American missionaries arrive in Hawai'i, setting the stage for US annexation and domination of Hawai'i in the future.

1839-1842 "Second" opium war between China and Britain. Treaty of Nanjing signed and China is forced to open up for future foreign penetration.

Seize the Time

First Issue of Getting Together - February 1970

Seize the Time

On December 4th, 30 Chicago cops laid a night-time ambush, and murdered two Panther leaders. One of the murdered Panthers was Fred Hampton, the 28-year old chariman of the Illinois Black Panther Party. A few days later, 300 cops launched a massive attack on the Los Angeles office of the Panthers, using such weapons as dynamite, machine guns, and tear gas grenades. The 11 Panthers inside the office heroically kept up their resistance for five long hours!


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