Hate Crimes and Incidents

CA Sikh Man Called Taliban in Hate Stabbing

On July 30th, a 66 year old Sikh man, Iqbal Singh, was stabbed in the neck with a steak while waiting with his two year old daughter to go to religious service in Santa Clara County. Everett Thompson, the 25 year old perpetrator, was Singh’s neighbor and had mistaken him for a Taliban. Thompson said that stabbed Singh because he wanted to kill a Taliban. Santa Clara, a county that has on average 5 reported hate crimes per month, was experiencing a hike of 13 total reported hate crimes in June.

Death of Vietnamese Youth Bang Mai Recalls History of Boston Racial Attacks

On July 11, Bang Mai, a 16 year old Vietnamese youth from Medford, Mass. died in front of the Mary Ellen McCormack housing development in South Boston of as a result of “ a one-on-one fistfight [which] quickly degenerated into a bloody free-for-all" , according to the Boston Globe’s recounting of witness accounts. He was stabbed as he was walking away from another 16 year old, who had brought a knife to the fight. Initial official reports say Mai died from trauma and a stab wound.

Sikh Beaten Unconcious in Queens

by Mike Liu

On July 11th a 54year old Sikh man was viciously beaten by a group of men yelling hate epithets in Queens. Two men kicked and punched Rajinder Singh Khalsa Sunday by men shouting, "Go back to your own country." He was left with unconscious with multiple fractures to his nose and eye socket from the beating outside a Richmond Hill catering hall.

Justice Department Rules on Anti-Asian Violence at Lafayette High School

By Mark Liu

After at least three years of operating a dangerous environment for students, Lafayette High School in Brooklyn, New York is being forced to make changes to how it is being run.   During the 2002-2003 school year, the school averaged a violent attack every three days, many of those against students of Asian descent.   Some of those attacks include assaults with chains, martial arts sticks, and a combination lock.   The incidents were first reported by the A-zine in an August 2001 article.


by: Daren Rikio Mooko
taken from “Through the Fire” Column, Rafu Shimpo; posted with the permission of the author
photo from Mabel Chin courtesy of Asian Improv

“If Asian people in America don’t learn to stand up for themselves, these injustices will never cease.”

Mrs. Lily Chin

This is an edited statement from friends and family of Mrs. Chin.

Mrs. Lily Chin, the mother of Vincent Chin, passed away at the age of 82 on June 9, nearly 20 years to the day of Vincent's murder. A beloved figure in the Asian American community of metropolitan Detroit, She often expressed her gratitude to all those around the country who had been so kind and supportive to her.


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