Hate Crimes and Incidents

Hate Crime at Lake Tahoe

by Terri Oshiro

"I don't remember any case like this, and I have been in this office for over 20 years," said Peter O'Hara, the El Dorado County deputy district attorney handling the case. "We are taking it very seriously up here." It starts with words, and then it gets worse. I believe the victim was knocked down and kicked in the face.” He said the victim’s injuries included serious facial fractures around the eye that may require surgery.

A Return to the Vincent Chin Era – Ford Dealer Airs Anti-Japanese Ads

O.C. Welch, who owns a dealership near Savannah, S.C. is airing ads blasting “rice-ready” Japanese cars on a dozen area stations.

"All you people that buy all your Toyotas and send that money to Japan, you know, when you don't have a job to make your Toyota car payment, don't come crying to me," Welch says in the ad.

March Against NJ Cross-Burning for Asian/Latino Obama Supporters

from nyc indymedia
by Stanley W. Rogouski

300 people showing up for a march against racism in New York City would not be an impressive turnout. But in Hardwick New Jersey, which has only about 1500 people, it's a fifth of the population.
60 miles to the east in Union or Essex County New Jersey, a banner celebrating the victory of Barack Obama wouldn't have drawn very much attention. But in rural Warren County, where only 62% of the people voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin, it stood out.

Racial Attack on Seattle Hospitalizes Sikh Taxi Driver

On November 24th, a 20-year-old Seattle man put a Sikh taxi driver into the hospital when, apparently drunk, he yelled racial slurs and attacked the taxi driver from behind. He has been charged with third degree assault and a hate crime.

Luis Vazquez attacked 48-year old Sukhvir Singh as Singh was driving Vazquez down I-5. After the attack, Singh was admitted to the hospital and discharged the day after. He was readmitted the next day for kidney and respiratory damage caused by the attack.

Activists Hold a Rally to Challenge Terrorism Alameda Police Waged Upon Southeast Asian Youth in Oakland

by Mark Liu

A coalition of activists are drawing attention to what they've called the "one of the worst cases of police harassment ever experienced by the East Bay's Southeast Asian community."

On Halloween night, Ichinkhorloo 'Iko' Bayarsaikhan, a 16-year-old Mongolian youth, was murdered in a park in Alameda in what was called a botched robbery attempt.   This has set off a search for the murderers that have left many community members angry.

FBI Reports Increase in Hate Crimes in 2006

Over 9600 hate crimes were reported nationally in 2006 by the FBI’s collection methods, representing a 8% increase over the previous year.


The largest segment of racial hate crimes involved African Americans. Asian Americans represented about 5% of the victims and 1% of the offenders.


Hate crime statistics encompass those involving racial, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, or disability hate crimes. The majority of hate crimes involved race. The next largest segment, about a fifth, involved religion.

Filipino American Nurse Harassed by H&M Employee Files Complaint

This an edited press release from the Asian American Institute in Chicago

Asian American Institute filed a discrimination complaint with the City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations, seeking redress for Frannie Richards, a Filipino American nurse who suffered anti-Asian and sex-based harassment at the Magnificent Mile H&M department store. The harassment included "mail-order bride" comments, ridicule concerning Ms. Richards' ability to understand English, as well as mocking "ching, ching, chang" noises by an H&M employee.


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