Hate Crimes and Incidents

New York Observance of Vincent Chin and free version of Vincent Who?

June 23rd is the anniversary of the death of Vincent Chin. In 1982, Two white autoworkers bludgeoned Vincent Chin, a Chinese American man, to death with a baseball bat because he represented "Japanese" automobiles. Because of the local justice system, the two white workers never went to jail or paid more than a few thousand in fines. However, it sparked a nationwide campaign for civil rights for Asian Americans.

Asian Stereotyping Theme at St. Louis Night Club

A reader has written in about a racist party that is being hosted at St Louis nightclub. The theme of the party is calls for people come dressed as their favorite Asian. The party is tonight!

The reader has been trying to educate the people on facebook, but his links have been taken down. They’ve even reported him to facebook for harassment. He plans on protesting at the club on friday night. If you’re in the St. Louis area, please join him.

New Plaques in Detroit Commemorate Vincent Chin Case

A few days before Christmas, the Michigan State Bar and the city of Ferndale installed two plaques commemorating the case of the killing of Vincent Chin and the campaign that resulted. The State Bar's Legal Milestone Plaque, “From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry,” recognizes the legal changes that have come about because of the Vincent Chin case. These includes such practices as minimum sentencing guidelines, victim’s impact statements, and the importance of sentencing hearings.

Momentum builds for Sept. 11 march to support NYC Muslims

A number of New York Asian American groups including Nodutdol For Korean Community Development, BAYAN-USA, DRum and CAAAV are joining in a Sept. 11 March to support Muslims in their effort to build a Muslim Community Center in that city. 

The march is scheduled for Sept. 11 at 1:00 p.m. The rally begins on the east side of City Hall. There has been strong support from the Islamic community, including from the the Islamic Leadership Council, representing 50+ mosques and community centers around the city. Publicity has been widespread so a large march is expected.

California Couple Convicted of Lake Tahoe Hate Crime


On March 11th, a Sacremento jury found a white, middle-aged couple with a history of racial hatred guilty in Sacramento federal court of a hate crime. They were convicted of interfering with the right of an Indian American man to be in a public area at South Lake Tahoe because of his ethnic origin and the color of his skin.

A jury deliberated approximately 90 minutes before delivering its verdict against Georgia Silva, 52, and husband Joseph Silva, 56.

Killer of Chicago Viet Fisherman Sentenced to Ten Years

A Cook County judge sentenced John Haley, the killer of Vietnamese fisherman Du Doan. to ten years in prison. Haley had engaged in a series of acts pushing Asian dock fishermen into the waters of Lake Michigan. When he pushed 62 year old Du Doan, the father of three, Doan drowned.

Though Haley had previously attacked other Asian-American fisherman, the offense was not termed a hate-crime. Haley was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Though involuntary manslaughter calls for a sentence of probation to five years, Judge John Kirby sentenced Haley to ten years.

Asian Americans Boycott South Philly High after Attacks

updated Tuesday, Dec. 8th

Administrators held a closed meeting  at South Philadelphia High School with parents, police and community represesntatives. Fifty to seventy-five people attended the meeting in a large classroom. Another meeting is set for 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Additional information were that seven Asian students required treatment from the attacks, and many African American students, while expressing sympathy for Asian students, feel that they are all being blamed for the actions of a small part of their community.



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