Oak Terrace Tenants Secure Lowered Rent Increase

by Amee Chew

Tenants in several Boston Chinatown housing developments began organizing against rent increases less than a year ago, and continue their struggle. Oak Terrace is a mixed-income subsidized building developed by a non-profit community development corporation. While it was created in the mid-1990s to help alleviate the need for affordable housing, earlier this year, several tenants received rent increases as high as 20 percent.

Starbucks Out of J-town!

by Tracker
updated 6/6/05

Liz Capurro, Starbucks' regional director of operations for San
Francisco, said the company has dropped plans to move into J-town. In a victory for the community, facing mounting opposition from residents and merchants, she said it was not the best place " to build a relationship." Damn right.


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