Citywide Coalition Organizes Against Chinatown Area Casino

Asian Americans United and other Chinatown organizations have formed a coalition with Black church groups and others to create a citywide coalition organizing against a proposed casino in the city center.

They have objected to its proximity to neighborhoods and potential to induce gambling addiction among the poor and elderly. The casino is to be sited at the Gallery Shopping Mall on Market Street.

NYC Chinatown SRO Tenants Win Legal Battle to Stay In Their Homes

After over two years of struggle, tenants at 81 Bowery Street in Chinatown won a major victory. A judge has decided that all the tenants in the single-room occupancy (SRO) building can stay in their homes!

Tenants in 81 Bowery, a SRO building in Chinatown, won a major victory in June when a judge dismissed the landlord’s case against all the tenants.

New York Chinatown Residents Join Lower East Side Groups to Fight for Community Waterfront Development

New York City plans to transform the East River waterfront. While community-oriented space is critically needed for the Chinatown and the Lower East Side communities, developers are pressuring city planners to transform it into a space primarily for wealthy residents and tourists.

Grassroots Chinese American Organizations Build Movement

This past weekend, API Movement Building helped coordinate a Bay Area meeting between groups organizing low income Chinese communities. Dozens of staff, youth, and constituents of Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), the Chinatown Justice Project of CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, and the Chinese Progressive Associations of Boston (CPA Boston), San Francisco (CPASF) and San Gabriel Valley (CPASGV) took significant steps in building national unity in their work.

Vietnam Agrees to Accept Deportees from the U.S.

Mark Liu

Yesterday, the United States and Vietnam agreed to a memorandum of agreement that would allow the repatriation of Vietnamese immigrants who entered the U.S. on or after July 12, 1995.  The agreement goes into affect 60 days after the signing of the agreement.  This would affect 1500 Vietnamese immigrants who came on or after Vietnam and the U.S. began to have normalized relations.


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