Does Philadelphia City Hall endorse racial profiling by advocating for a Market Street casino - AGAIN?

This is from Helen Gym's blog by permission of the author

In posts too many to name, I’ve shared concerns many of us in the Asian community have about the gambling industry’s penchant for racial profiling. Sometimes, though, it’s refreshing when the industry just speaks for itself:

Minneapolis : Justice for Fong Lee

 The Hmong community and police reform activists organized a rally last Saturday, October 2, for a teenager killed by Minneapolis Police Officer Jason Anderson. The rally was held at Cityview Performing Arts Magnet school, Anderson chased Fong Lee and shot him eight times in the back in 2006. Officer Jason Andersen claimed Lee raised an arm as if to shoot.

Toxic Wastes More Likely To Be Near Latinos and Asians, SoCal Study Finds

A New UC Irvine (UCI) study found that Latinos and Asians in Southern California are disproportionately exposed to toxic waste sites.

Looking at 3000 census tracts in six heavily populated, ethnically diverse Southern California counties between 1990 and 2000, researchers found that neighborhoods with a higher percentage of Latinos or Asians were more likely to be near toxic waste sites than those populated by more whites or African-Americans.

Boston Chinatown Looking at the Future of Libraries

For over sixty years, Boston Chinatown was denied a public library, typifying the historic lack of public services to Chinese enclaves. This editorial appeared in Sampan Newspaper in April. It outlines this history as well as community mobilizing and co-operative efforts to compensate.

by Suzanne Lee

Amidst the debate over branch library closings, people should remember the experience of Chinatown.

AAU Takes Anti-Casino Fight to Harrisburg


Asian Americans United and the Philadelphia Anti-Casino Coalition took their battle to Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania. They organized busloads of people to attend a state Gaming Control Board hearing around the proposed Foxwoods Casino in Philadelphia. At the hearing, AAU and Coalition members were allowed to speak, but the Board still kept the project alive. However it continues to fine the developers for delays and threaten the project’s gambling license. The Board has also asked for more documentation around finances from developers.


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