African Americans Call for Boycott of Asian American Businesses in South Dallas

Some African American leaders are calling for a boycott of Asian American businesses in the Dallas, Texas area. The event at the center of this call came from a December 9th dispute between a minister at the local Nation of Islam mosque and the Asian owner of the Diamond Shamrock gas station and convenience store over use of the minister’s debit card. The minister, Jeffrey Muhammad, wanted to use the card for five dollars, below the posted minimum limit. An argument ensued in the store in South Dallas, the center of the local African American area.

SF Coalition Wins Wage Theft Ordinance

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a ordinance August 2 increasing penalties and monitoring of employers who fail to pay their workers. Though non-payment of wages is currently illegal, the ordinance strengthens the city's Office of Labor Standards Enforcement's ability to enforce its labor laws. Mayor Ed Lee is expected to sign the ordinance. A progressive coaltion of community and workers organizations championed the new city law and had organized a vibrant campaign to win passage.

Community Debates Police Force in Arrest of 60 year old Musician

NYC Police come into Columbus Park in Chinatown to stop a 60 year old man, Wu Yi-Zhuo, who's playing Cantonese Opera. In the end, six to eight police arrest the man and bloody him. A crowd of elderly gather around the police and the man, complaining about the arrest in Cantonese. One of the cops pulls out mace and maybe a baton to threaten the crowd. Wu ended up spending the night in jail.

Is there something wrong with this?


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