Art and Culture


by Mike Liu

Young API’s have gotten together to create a radio show, Aziatik Rhythmz, as a vehicle for the progressive apia voice in southern California. Their collective mission statement proposes to

- disseminate information important to API communities
- put API art and cultural expression on the air
- monitor status of APIs in the programming grid
- assist programmers in working with the station
- act as a support organization for API producers
- improve understanding and relations between people in the region

Activists Promote North Korean Soccer Film

The Boston Korea Friendship Association and the Channing and Popai Liem Education Foundation are pleased to announce the national tour of The Game of their Lives. This remarkable film documents the World Cup soccer success of the 1966 North Korean team, the first from Asia ever to reach the quarterfinals of this tournament. England was the host of those games. South Korean fans at last year's Korea/Japan World Cup held up signs saying "Again 1966" in recognition of this historic feat of their countrymen.

Missed Opportunity: How “Blue Crush” Continues the Tradition of Cultural Theft by White Producers of Asian/Pacific Culture

by Jeff Park

“Blue Crush” opened in August and made money. That should come as no surprise. What also comes as no surprise is that the movie is a surfing movie that is based in Hawaii, has a female blonde, blue-eyed lead, her love interest is a white quarterback, and the villains are island boys, here a hodge podge of “other” ethnicities – just not white. And of course the white star is a leading exponent of surfing as far as this movie goes.

Minority Report(ed)

by Bob Kao and Noi Talchai

Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” starring Tom Cruise was a pretty white movie. We had hoped that the “minority” in the title means it has something to do with people of color, although we already knew that was not the case from the previews. But we still hoped.

Postcards from Li-Young Lee’s Desk

by Rathanak Michael Keo

Out of all the places I could be to miss you,
why here?

1. “Dreaming of Hair”
“wish you were here” marinates itself
In moonlight and stars.
all that’s left to do is dream.

and even in sleep
I am provoked to love you,
that beautiful black hair of yours,
that sprouts itself out like wings, or lounge like interstate highways
on lazy days
begging for conversation about tomorrow.

Yesterday I was at a dance,
In your absence


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