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The Fall of Miss Saigon

by Mike Liu

A coalition of local Asian Pacific American artists organized a Feb. 24th production of Missed Sigh Gone, to respond to the racist and misogynistic storyline of the highly successful musical, Miss Saigon. Two Boston-area theaters are launching productions of Miss Saigon over the next several weeks.

Coalition Of Local Apa Artists Announces Production Of Missed Sigh Gone

Boston, MA – A coalition of local Asian Pacific American (APA) artists announced upcoming production of Missed Sigh Gone, a response to the racist and misogynistic musical Miss Saigon. The show will take place 7pm, Thursday, February 24 at the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center, 85 West Newton St. in Boston. Admission is $10; students and seniors are $5.

Exhibit on Forgotten Korean War Calls out for Peace

On the last weekend in January, several hundred people attended the moving opening of “Still Present Pasts: Korean Americans and the “Forgotten War,” a new exhibit on the continuing impact of the Korean War on the Korean American community. The multi-media exhibit of video, installation, and performance art by Korean and Korean American artists made a powerful statement about war’s expansive and penetrating impact, not only on combatants, but also on civilians, families, communities, succeeding generations and nations.


by Jason Jaewan Lee and Brian Viernez
Copyright "the people" April 2002

           i learned how you stripped one man
           of his dignity
           labeled him a spy
           with your devilish white lies

Why "Joy Luck" Brings me Misery

By Julia Oh

China doll. Meek, submissive, mysterious and sultry. White man's geisha. She shrieks at the sight of a mouse. She takes insults as a reminder to improve upon her flawed self. She is the survivor of abuse by Asian men from her past, just as she watched her mother abused by the hands of her father. She endures. She sits quietly alone, waiting for her white knight to come untie her from generations of misery. Who is she?

The answer is simple. She is a creation. She is a fantasy Asian woman crafted by the minds of white men.


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