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API Living – Boston 2007

Todd Lee

1. Hello

The white man
with the so-pleased-
on his face,
says “Knee how”
too loudly
as he passes
the Asian woman

who is clearly


2. Smile

A woman
smiles at me
sweetly, for no apparent
- on the Boston subway!

I wonder if,
it’s my dashing good looks
or if I
remind her
of a scene from a
Jackie Chan flick
she really dug.

Bombies Calls Out against Unending Destruction in Laos: The Consequences of U.S. Cluster Bombs

by Mike Liu

In Bombies, archival footage shows dozens of huge cluster bombs descending from B-52's passing over thick forests. Part-way down the bombs unfold into two halves, spraying two to six hundred and fifty small bomblets. These bomblets, as one writer described, " are stuffed with hundreds of metal chunks; after hitting the ground, each canister is designed to explode in a 150- yard arc. Some are filled with napalm, others with molten copper that penetrates armor plating. Others spray metal spikes that can pin a man to a tree."

Legacies of War Opens Window on Destructive U.S. War Policies

Legacies of War, an exhibit that brings attention to the continuing consequences of the U.S. secret war in Laos from 1964 to 1973, opened in Boston this past week. It includes survivors’ illustrations, interviews from refugee camps, archival and contemporary photographs, and a documentary film, Bombies (a review of the film is forthcoming). Far more than a historical commemoration, the exhibit is an appeal to humanity and morality that technological militarism and imperial policy be accountable for the continuing slaughter of innocents.

Interview With Hawaiian Slack Key Master Sonny Lim

Interview by Todd Lee

This is the second of two Azine interviews with two of the great contemporary Hawaiian Slack Key Masters.  The first was with Keoki Kahumoku. This interview is with Sonny Lim, who, like Keoki, comes from a rich family tradition of Hawaiian musicians and was one of the featured artists on Slack Key, Volume 2, which won the first Grammy awarded for Hawaiian music. 

Fight without Fear: GABRIELA, Fighting Patriarchy and Imperialism

by Amee Chew

On March 11, in honor of International Women's Day, INCITE! Boston Women of Color Against Violence held a film screening and fundraiser for GABRIELA, a mass-based women's organization in the Philippines. A packed audience of over 70 viewed a documentary on GABRIELA's activities, called "Fight Without Fear!," produced by local organizer Darlene Lombos.

Film Review: “Sentenced Home:” Reveals Immigration Injustice

by Mike Liu

The film, Sentenced Home is a quietly powerful film that explores the human side of the issue of Cambodian (Khmer) deportations. In looking at why and how three young Cambodian men from Seattle become ensnared by Home Land Security, it exposes the irrationality, spitefulness and injustice in our immigration policies.

Artists muse whether art follows life or life follows art

by Amee Chew

if i injected my flesh with silicon
did hundreds of situps a day
wore lacey push up bras
got surgery to correct my Asian single-eyelid
wore subtle lipstick, concealer, and gloss
made my gaze bruised with shadow and mascara
wore dainty stilleto heels and flippy skirts
got some hips
would you buy me then?

does market follow demand, or demand follow market?
i want to be the white girls of your wet dreams with million-dollar


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