Richmond Community Leaders Unite!

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APEN Community meeting

Adapted from the APEN newsletter



On Thursday August 4th leaders from three community groups joined together to make their voices heard on their vision for a green and just Richmond with jobs and community health. At the meeting leaders reaffirmed working to inform and involve more people about what Chevron is doing to Richmond. The three groups are Communities for a Better Environment (CBE), West County Toxics Coalition (West Toxics), and Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN).


The groups want to make four points


a.      Chevron pushed through a faulty Environmental Impact Report:

b.      Protecting Youth: Allowing Chevron to process dirtier, heavier oil will put more toxic chemicals into our environment and our bodies will expose another generation of kids to asthma, cancer, and other diseases.

c.       Jobs and Health are equally important! Chevron to trying to pit jobs versus environment, between workers and healthy communities. Physical health is important as employment.

d.      Community Pressure will work!


Community groups have pledged to go and talk with their neighbors and friends about the importance of becoming involved in this fight. They will be asking community members to sign petitions and come to meetings. They organized people to sign the petition at the August 15th Mobilization for Climate Justice event and will be posting an online petition soon.


The three groups also wrote a joint opinion piece in the local newspaper, the Contra Costa Times.