Does Philadelphia City Hall endorse racial profiling by advocating for a Market Street casino - AGAIN?

This is from Helen Gym's blog by permission of the author

In posts too many to name, I’ve shared concerns many of us in the Asian community have about the gambling industry’s penchant for racial profiling. Sometimes, though, it’s refreshing when the industry just speaks for itself:

ECASU/ECAASU: The Military and APA Student Conferences

The issue over military sponsorship of the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) has hit a flash point over the past week since its conference at UMass Amherst in mid-February. Despite expressed public concern from some activists (reposted at this site) previous to the conference, the issue didn't mushroomed until keynote speakers at the conference brought up the issue.

Sorry for Excluding Your Chinese Ass; End of Multiculturalism, Middling Minority, Hotel Owners Protest

European leaders like England's David Cameron and Germany's Angela Merkel have been leading an attack on "multiculturalism." One indication of this has been a new law passed that removes racial concerns in adoptions. Others include the eviction of mosques from public property and mandatory courses to assimilate. Will this spread to the U.S.? The Tea Party movement would definitely welcome a similar offensive.

Asian Stereotyping Theme at St. Louis Night Club

A reader has written in about a racist party that is being hosted at St Louis nightclub. The theme of the party is calls for people come dressed as their favorite Asian. The party is tonight!

The reader has been trying to educate the people on facebook, but his links have been taken down. They’ve even reported him to facebook for harassment. He plans on protesting at the club on friday night. If you’re in the St. Louis area, please join him.

Intermarriage, UTA Asian American Studies, Georgia English-Only

The Georgia state legislator has attempted to require Englsh-only driving tests. A local Asian American group - Atlanta based Asian American Legal Advocacy Center is among the main groups opposing it. A version of the bill passed, but state Representative B.J. Pak, a Korean-American and Republican, was one of those who helped amend the bill - limiting the language requirement only to the common words used on traffic signs.