Beijing Trio Suite

The following poem was inspired by the Boston performance and album of the Beijing Trio – Asian American pianist Jon Jang, erhu virtuosos Jiebing Chen, and legendary percussionist Max Roach, on Asian Improv Records. Beijing Trio Suite

1. Jiebing: Erhu

How the first sweet light of day
fills my heart with longing.

The infinite ache !

I sing all day
wishing for you;
my voice drifts across
the valley like
the wisps of fog:

remnants in mid-morning.

The Right to Self-Defense in Washington

Minh Hong stabbed to death Chris Kinison, a young white man, on July 4 in Ocean Resort, Washington. Minh is charged with first degree manslaughter.

Racism and Police Failure
The only problem was that Chris Kinison was a white racist, who spent the better part of the weekend as part of a group beating up on minorities visiting the resort town. The day before, they had chased two Filipino families out of town. They punched in their windows and challenged them to fight. They had also chased a Black man down the beach with a knife.

Taiko and the Asian American Movement: the Making of a Modern Folk Art

©Stanley N. Shikuma

(This is a heavily edited version of a longer paper by Stan that traces the development of Taiko in the Northwest. All errors are the editors. The full version of Stan's paper, "Making A Modern Folk Art: Taiko in the Pacific Northwest/Canadian Southwest Region" is available by e-mail)

Taiko in Japan

Movie Review: Romeo Must Die

by Kye Leung

Will real Asian men please stand up? Contrary to what Hollywood would like us to believe, there are actually some Asian men who are not kung-fu masters, gangsters, businessmen or illegal immigrants. So what is Romeo Must Die? In short, it's a cheap reference to the Shakespeare play where no one is named Romeo and where you put some Asian gangs, Black gangs, and White businessmen together with a lot of boom but no bang between Han (played by Jet Li) and Trish (Aaliyah). What's up Hollywood? Can't an Asian male kiss a non-Asian female on screen?

Film Review: Snow Falling on Cedars

Scott Hick's Snow Falling on Cedars is a beautifully crafted film but not a good Asian American film. The film is based upon David Guterson's best selling novel about a triangular entanglement among a white newspaperman and a Japanese American women and her husband wrapped around a murder. Hicks however reduces the story's focus solely to the moral dilemma of the journalist, Ishmael, played by Ethan Hawke.