Bay Area Asian Grassroots Groups support OccupyOakland

Asian American grassroots groups in the Bay Area are joining in the denunciation of the police attacks on OccupyOakland protestors and supporting the Occupy movement.

They have joined a multi-racial group called Bay99 to strategize ways of incorporating support into their work in their community organizations and unions. Working groups formed to support the infrastructure of the encampments, to plan parallel actions that bring the work in low-income and communities of color forward, and to build unity among our groups.

Chinese Exclusion 'Regret,' Bilingual Ballots, Shark Fin&Foie Gras, APA Occupy, Gaysian?

The U.S. Senate expressed regret for the Exclusion Acts that barred Chinese from legally immigrating to the U.S. in Senate Resolution 201. Rep. Judy Chu from California has introduced a companion resolution in the house.  But so what? There's no money or actions attached to the legislation. In fact, the Senate added an amendment to bar any claims agains the government. Isn't it better to wait for a more favorable time to introduce a bill that means something?

Occupy, Economics & Movement Building

The Occupy movement has spectacularly united progressive forces with a base. In the month from initial occupation on Wall Street in New York, there are now, according to OccupyTogether, over a hundred occupied cites in the U.S., (and five internationally) and over a thousand meetups being organized around the Occupy movement. Facebook lists nearly 500 "Occupy" groups. The Occupy movement is important to support.

Chopped Liver Asians, Recession, Bumbling Heroes, Muslim Attitudes

Are Asian Americans "chopped liver" to the Obama administration? The Asian Pacific Islaner Caucus in Congress has yet to get a meeting with the President 33 months into his administration. Though the administration recently agreed to meet them, Rep. Mike Honda complained about the lengthy delay and asked "What are we? Chopped Liver?" On the other hand, the President has only met once with the Black Caucus.