Invisible Minority: Chong and Voting

There may be no greater symbol of Asian Americans being this country's invisible monority than the case of Daniel Chong. Chong was the UC student that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) threw into a holding cell and promptly forgot about. Wiithout food and water, Chong also had to endure a cell without toilet facilities.This went on for five days, and Chong had to drink his own urine to survive, and he was covered in his own feces when the DEA finally heard him. Chong spent a week in the hospital, the first several days in intensive care.

SF State Professor's Film Explores Racism in 19th-century Pacific Northwest

Here's information about a new film by noted Asian American media artist Valerie Soe. The film is entitled "The Chinese Gardens" and addresses 19th-century anti-Chinese racism in the Pacific Northwest and its relationship to anti-immigrant racism in America today. Though the April 6 screening date has passed, the film will be screened in other cities in the upcoming weeks. There is also a link to a trailer for the film at the end of this press release:

The Ballad of Chol So Lee

from the Chol Soo Lee Defense Committee 1978

vocals and copyright: Siu Wai Anderson, Sam Takimoto, Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo


This is a story about a man named Chol Soo Lee.

His case is not uncommon; it reflects on you and me.


Chol Soo Lee came to this country to walk the streets of gold

All he found were broken glass alleys where the gangs were pushin dope 

He tried to find an honest job to try to make ends meet