The sting of evacuation 
pierces the cozy unity 
of the Terminal Island community. 
48 hours 
to pack 48 years 
of life. 
Fathers first!
"To take care 
of her husband's affair 
was just too overwhelming... 
so she just sat down and cried."
Cry, Terminal Island woman, c

Asian Women: Past, Present and Future

by Yuri Kochiyama

 Yuri Kochiyama has been a prominent activist in the Asian and Third World movement for many years. Her involvement in the anti-war movement, community struggles, redress/reparations, workers organizing and international liberation support work has earned her the respect of thousands of people. On March 7, 1981, she delivered this keynote address to the East Coast Asian Student Union's Asian Women's Conference held at Mt. Holyoke College.

Towards Barefoot Journalism

By Mike Murase

This article is posted with the permission of the author

[Editor's Note (from Counterpoint): Gidra suspended publication after, the Fifth Anniversary issue in April 1974. The following article originally appeared in the final issue of Gidra.]

This issue of Gidra will be the last issue of Gidra, at least for three months-probably longer and possibly forever.

The 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act: A Time to Reclaim Our History

by Gordon H. Chang

Nothing more symbolizes the racist treatment of Chinese in the U.S. than the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act. One hundred years ago, Congress enacted legislation that added Chinese workers to prostitutes and imbeciles as undesirable elements prohibited from entering the U. S.

It was the first exclusionary immigration act based solely on nationality. Its affect on the Chinese of America was profound as it was on all Asians when the Act was expanded in subsequent years.