AALDEF Press Release: Federal Civil Rights Complaint against Philadelphia Schools

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) today filed a complaint for civil rights violations with the U.S. Department of Justice charging the School District of Philadelphia and South Philadelphia High School (SPHS) with discrimination against Asian students on the basis of race and national origin in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Root of Anti-Asian Violence at South Philly High Remains

While new security cameras and more security officers has tamped down some of the tension at South Philly High School, the fundamental issues around school violence remain unresolved. Asian American students, dozens who were assaulted last December, have targeted adults - the school administration - for neglecting the problem that has existed for years.

STIRR Immigrant Rights Materials

Please find below materials for STIRR Immigrant and Refugee Rights work.

CIR ASAP Letter is a letter expressing support for CIR ASAP that we're asking organizations to sign onto.

Suppport_letter_ask is a letter asking organizations to sign onto the letter above

CIR-ASAP-Summary-Long is a ten page summary of CIR ASAP

CIR-ASAP-Summary-Short is a three page summary of CIR ASAP

petition_cir_asap is a petition that we're asking individuals to sign


Interview with Jen Thym, creator of LUMINA

Filmmaker Jennifer Thym has created a fantasy web series entitled LUMINA. Drawing upon inspiration as varied as web comics, cyberpunk, and manga, LUMINA centers around the story of Lumina Wong (played by JuJu Chan) who meets the proverbial handsome but mysterious stranger Ryder Lee (Michael Chan) and is plunged into a surreal world of fantasy, romance, and intrigue set against the cityscape of metropolitan Hong Kong.