Boston Book Party for New Reader - Asian American Studies Now

Asian American Studies Now truly represents the enormous changes occurring in Asian American communities and the world, changes that require a reconsideration of how the interdisciplinary field of Asian American studies is defined and taught. Co-authored by API Movement member Tom Chen and Jean Wu of Tufts University, this comprehensive anthology summarizes and defines the current shape of this rapidly changing field, addressing topics such as transnationalism, U.S.

Boston Chinatown Looking at the Future of Libraries

For over sixty years, Boston Chinatown was denied a public library, typifying the historic lack of public services to Chinese enclaves. This editorial appeared in Sampan Newspaper in April. It outlines this history as well as community mobilizing and co-operative efforts to compensate.

by Suzanne Lee

Amidst the debate over branch library closings, people should remember the experience of Chinatown.

Asian Student Advocates Welcome Resignation of South Philly High School Principal

La Greta Brown, the principal of South Philadelphia High School resigned Thursday. The high school was the site of widespread violence against Asian American students and the subject of a federal civil rights lawsuit, most notably in December, when primarily African American students attacks dozens of Asian students at the school.

Asian Americans Step Up Presence on Immigrant Rights Issues

A greater Asian American presence in immigrant rights actions is becoming evident. During recent May Day events, for example, in San Francisco, Chinese Progressive Association and other Asian groups joined with other marchers in protesting Arizona’s recent passage of SB1070. They united against the scapegoating of and attacks on vulnerable immigrants, expressing the sentiment that "We are ALL Arizona." In Boston, CPA, API Movement, and Malden High School Students marched through three cities demanding immigrant rights.

Arizona's New Immigration Law and Undocumented Asian Americans

Thanks to Lisette Le
Arizona's new law - SB1070 - is pretty devastating for all immigrant groups. It allows police to demand proof of citizenship from anyone who looks "illegal." A lot of people will think of the new bill as a "Latino" or "brown" issue, but the 2nd largest population of people crossing the Arizona/Mexico border are Chinese immigrants.