CSULA Fight for Asian American Studies May Be A Sign of Things To Come

The students of Cal State University Los Angeles are fighting for the iife of its Asian American Studies program. Recently, the Dean of its college announced that he intended to suspend the program, despite its minimal cost of $4,000 a year. Students have created a website, garnered support from the academic and student community throughout the U.S., and initiated an on-line petition to support continuing the program.

Chinese Mothers, Comcast, Remeasuring Asian American Poverty

Amy Chua's recent excerpt in the Wall Street Journal about the superiority of Chinese mothers has ignited an uproar. While she's right that not everybody's child is above average, has anyone noticed that this is a very class-biased analysis? Working class Chinese mothers don't quite have the time to spent all day forcing their children to learn a piano piece. Their kids also don't have the opportunity to attend sleep-overs at their classmates, unless they want to spend the night on their friends' kitchen floors. So if Amy Chua is right, she talking about a certain class of Chinese mothers.

New Plaques in Detroit Commemorate Vincent Chin Case

A few days before Christmas, the Michigan State Bar and the city of Ferndale installed two plaques commemorating the case of the killing of Vincent Chin and the campaign that resulted. The State Bar's Legal Milestone Plaque, “From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry,” recognizes the legal changes that have come about because of the Vincent Chin case. These includes such practices as minimum sentencing guidelines, victim’s impact statements, and the importance of sentencing hearings.

The Promising Talents of Derek Nguyen

Derek Nguyen is a multifaceted artist with a diversity of career accomplishments and personal experiences. He has worked as a writer, director, producer, and playwright on both films and stage dramas. And he is also very active in the Asian American arts scene, as he’s collaborated with Greg Pak, Risa Morimoto, Soomi Kim, as well as George Takei.

U.S. Justice Department Settles with Philadelphia School District on Harassment of Asian Americans

On Dec. 15th, the Justice Department announced a settlement agreement with the School District of Philadelphia. The settlement resolves complaints, made by the Asian-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, of racial harassment of Asian students at South Philadelphia High School. The Justice Department found that Asian American Students were persistently harassed (see original story). 

CA Filipino-American Hospital Workers Sue For Employer Discrimination and Harassment

Over fifty Filipino-American hospital employees filed a separate lawsuit against the Delano Regional Medical Center (DRMC) for job discrimination and harassment in early December. They also sought to join a pending Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit against the Medical Center filed last August. DRMC is in the city of Delano, north of Los Angeles and in the Central Valley. The Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC), is representing the employees. Julie Su of APALC explained that federal regulations limit the EEOC's monetary awards and fines to DRMC.