New On Sang Poultry Co." Workers Claim Back-Wages - SF

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The owner, Suzanne Hoo Lee, finally met with the workers and offered to pay $1,500, 1% of what's due, the following week. While she acknowledged the backwages owed, she refused to make any written commitment. The workers presented ther demands, to be paid an estimated $121,000 in wages and overtime and a monitoring and worker-education program.

An estimated 12-15 workers are owed tens of thousands of dollars in backwages. Suzanne Hoo has been implicated in past labor violations where she was ordered by the California labor board to pay back-wages to workers, which she has evaded paying by declaring bankruptcy. The flyer below is from workers and supporters at New On Sang. The shop has been picketed for the last three weekends in November 2008.

We are former workers of New On Sang Poultry Company, located previously at 1118 Grant Ave. We are very dedicated and hardworking, working 10 hour days, 6 days a week for barely $6 an hour.

In Sept. 2008, our employer Suzanne Hoo told us we would not be paid wages due to expenses of moving to this new stoe at Stockton and Pacific. She told us to wait until her business was better to pay us our wages.

While she has been starting up a new shop and remodeling her own house, we the workers have gone without money for rent, food, and living expenses. She now owes workers thousands of dollars in backwages, not to mention violating minimum wage and overtime laws.

In addition, Suzanne Hoo has a long history of evading responsibility fo rlabor violations. She has responded to our efforts to reclaim wages with stalling tactics and excuses.

As immigrants we refuse to be treated like second-class workers. We will not give up in our fight for the wages owed to us!

Please support the New On Sang Workers!
Contact the employer Suzanne Hoo at:
(415) 846-1958

Tell her to pay her workers immediately and that you will not shop at her store until the workers have been paid.