the New Gouverneur Hospital Must Hire More Chinese Speaking Workers!

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A New York City Community Hospital Organizing Flyer circa early 1970's

The health conditions in the Lower East Side are terrible and the delivery of health services is indaeqaute (sic). There are over 60 000 Chinese living in the Lower East Side, and for the many who do not speak English, the situation (sic) is considerably (sic) worse. Although 1/4 of the patients served by the old Gouverneur Clinic are Chnese (sic), less than 3% of the workers can speak Chinese.

This barrier between the medical staff and patients ont (sic) only makes it difficult to get minimal medical care, but it also discourages many of our people from even going to the clinic.
Misinformation and misinterpretation due to this language barrier has often resulted in malpractice. Recently, a Chinese waiter died because too much time was wasted looking for a translator. It is also important to note that the few chinese speaking workers at the old Gouverneur are extremely overworked. They must fulfill their regular jobs plus act as translators all over the hospital.

The new Gouverneur Hospital is scheduled to open in July, less, than 3 months
from now. Unless large numbers of Chinese speaking people are hire and trained to work at the new hospital, our people will not even have the chance for getting truly decent health core. Our people must first be able to communicate with the hospital staff about their illnesses. Our people must have equal employment opportunities. All the people in the Lower East Side must have a voice in the operation of the new hospital.

The Ad Hoc Committee for More Chinese workers at the New Gouverneur Hospital is trying to fight for these hints. We need the support of all concerned Asians. We must show the city that we are willing to fight for the health services our people rightfully deserve.

Come to a Mass Rally in Chinatown on Sunday April 23, at #pm in Columbus Pk. The program will include speakers (personal testimonies from Gouverneur patients), songs, and skits.
for more information, call 732 9545