Latino Delivery Workers Sue Chinese-Peruvian Manhattan Eatery

from Indymedia and Justice Will be Served Press Release

Four Latino Workers are pressing charges against Flor de Mayo Restaurant on Amsterdam Ave. uptowna Peruvian-Chinese, for minimum wage and overtime law violations. They were paid as little as $1.25 an hour at Flor de Mayo

First announced on July 24, Latino delivery workers are suing the restaurant, and their employers, Phillip Chu, Dennis Chu and Jose Chu.

They worked as many as 72 hours, six days a week, cleaning the restaurant, unloading trucks, and hauing out the garbagemake. The workers are demanding their owed wages and higher salaries.

Each took time to explain the reason for their actions to the crowd of supporters, friends, and family members who had gathered there as well as to the absentee owners and managers of the restaurant who had not. Neither Phillip Chu, who, according to a press release, is being sued individually and in his capacity as owner and executive officer of Flor de Mayo, nor Dennis or Jose Chu, managers of the Amsterdam and 2651 Broadway restaurant locations respectively and who are also facing legal charges, were present at the event.

Other deliverymen, including many Chinese facing similar situations at Saigon Grill, are supporting the Flor de Mayo workers. In fact. the Latino delivery workers found out about the delivery workers organizing campaign at the demonstrations in front of Saigon Grill.

Pickets are on-going and also target Flor de Mayo's other location on Broadway.